• OfficialLukeGames

    Hey guys it's your boy Luke Games here! I am a YouTuber who enjoys to play Terraria. I enjoy farming and looking for new techniques in the game so i can become better. I am no master at Terraria i have been playing 1 year now, so i'm no sensei like PythonGB, Chippy Gaming, Yrmir, Hero, and Pedguin or any of the other Terraria masters. I look up to them and follow some of their tips and tricks so i can become a better Terraria player.

    Although 75% of my content is Terraria i do also play other games for my channel, like a small MMO called Puzzle Pirates, it's a fun little game with over 20 challenging puzzles. I also play Minecraft, Fifa, Call of duty and many other games and a lot more to come as i am growing at…

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