My idea for this post is..... COOKIES AND PIES!!!

Starved Debuff

So, after 30 minutes of not fighting anything, you will recieve the "Starved Debuff". With this, you will slowly lose 1 life every 10 seconds. To remove this Debuff, simply eat food. But if you eat a Cookie, it will give you the "Hyper!" Buff, which will make you swing faster, move faster, and have a better critical strike chance. But, unlike most buffs, you cannot remove it.


There will be a rare tree added called the "Cocoa Tree". If cut down, it will drop Cocoa beans and Wood. With Wood and Iron Bars, you can make a Grinder. It is used for grinding Cocoa Beans into Cocoa Bean Dust. Combine Milk with Cocoa Bean Dust, (Bought from the Farmer NPC, accuired by getting all the plants in your inventory.) and you can make Chocolate! With Chocolate, you can make Chocolate Chips. Flour is also sold by the Farmer. Combine 15 Flour and 9 Chocolate Chips, you get a Cookie!

Full Debuff Unlike most food items, you can eat multiple Cookies at a time. If you eat about 30, you will get the Full Debuff that lasts 30 seconds. You can still eat Cookies with this, though there is a 4-second delay which you cannot eat Cookies. Every Cookie you eat, it will add 2 seconds to your Full Debuff timer. If you get 40 seconds on your Full timer, you will not be able to eat Cookies at all until it gets back to 30 seconds.

Chewing Debuff

When eating a Cookie, you will get this Debuff. Similar to the Full Debuff, you can still eat Cookies even with this Debuff. Though every Cookie you eat with this will add 10 seconds to your Chewing timer, and when it reaches 30, you cannot eat anymore Cookies until it reaches 0.


It will heal 20 life (One heart)


Pies should be a rare drop from a Clown. It will either drop an Explosive Pie or a Normal Pie. They are both called "Pie" but when you eat the explosive Pie, it BLOWS UP! When eating a Normal Pie, it will also give you the "Chewing Debuff" and "Full Debuff" as well as the "Hyper Buff". Pies will also change their sprite when you eat them so it shows that all the slices are gone. After eating 3 slices you will get the "Hyper Buff" Both Pies also have the tooltip: "An EXPLOSION of taste!" even if it isn't explosive. Each slice will heal 10 life.

Credit to LumpZ

The Cookie and Pie ideas were originally by LumpZ.

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