My idea for this Terraria Ideas post is Space!

Getting to Space

So, to get to space, you will need to make a Rocket. To make a rocket, you will need 60 Silver Bars, 2 Glass, 250 Gel, and 40 Souls of Flight at an Adamantite Forge. The rocket can be placed like any furniture item. When you get inside by right-clicking, you can press space to fly, escape to get out, (Must be on the ground) and space in mid-flight to fly down. When the Rocket is flying up/down it will go through blocks. When you reach the sky limit, you will be teleported to the "Space Dimention" and you will die instantly, with the messages, "[Player Name] forgot a Space Helmet."

Space Helmet:

The Rocket can no longer be found in the Space Dimention. If you want to not die in the space dimention, you will need a Space Helmet which is crafted by 30 Silver Bars, 2 Glass, and a Soul of Night at a Mythril Anvil. With this in your armor helmet slot, you will be able to survive in Space. in space, there will be circles which are planets.


Planets are giant circles found in the Space Dimention. Some (Not the Moon) have a chance to have Aliens on them!

The Moon

The closest planet is the moon. It is made of Moon Rock which can be sold for 60 Silver Coins. It takes a long time to mine, even with a Hamdrax! In the very center of the moon is a large group or ore called "Heart of the Moon" If you mine 3 of it, the next night will be a Blood Moon. It cannot be sold for money, because it will regenerate over time.

Planet Materials

Exery planet will always be a random material (Exept the Moon, which will always be made of Moon Rock) These Materials may be Red Rock which looks like Stone but is red. Blue Rock which looks like Stone but is blue. Sometimes, they are made out of stone and sometimes, very rarely, Grass. A Grassy planet will always have aliens on them but Grassy planets are super rare.


Aliens are creatures that have a chance to show up on any Planet (Not the Moon). They may be Neutral, (Will not attack unless player attacks them). Or hostile, which will attack on sight.


I also had an idea for Eclipses. They have a 1/100 chance of happening

Solar Eclipse

For a Solar Eclipse to happen, the next night has to be a New Moon. It also has to be in the middle of the day. If a Solar Eclipse were to happen, the sky would be all black and you can see stars. The sun's middle will be all black. When a Solar Eclipse happens, no music will play.

Lunar Eclipse

For a Lunar Eclipse to happen, it has to be a Full Moon. If a Lunar Eclipse were to happen, the moon would turn red similar to a Blood Moon exept no music will play.

If you like and/or have an idea, please comment.