Hello, this is my first Terraria Ideas blog. My first idea is the Circus Army.



Looks like the normal clown but smaller. Will throw happy-face grenades.

Clown Sorcerer

Does not stand on a ball. Will shoot projectiles similar to the Chaos Ball but looks like a yellow happy face. It will wear a Robe

Clown Warrior

Does not stand on a ball. Is slower but has more defence and damage.

Clown Archer

Will stand on a ball. It has the same AI as the Goblin Archer but it will shoot Happyfire Arrows. (Will explode on impact similar to the Hellfire Arrow, but with a happyface tip.) Will also shoot Holy Happy Arrows which act just like Holy Arrow exept will rain down Happy Faces instead of Hallowed Stars. Idea by TheOriginalFTW.

Circus Failure

Looks just like the Clown (From the army) exept it will not throw grenades and it will be frowning. If it is close to you, it will fall off the ball and it will roll in the direction the clown is facing. The ball will act like a Boulder.


Acts like Clown but doesn't throw grenades. Has a chance to drop the Mime Mask. Idea by (A Wiki Contributor)

Clown Cannon

Is a cannon pushed by Clowns (The Clowns pushing the cannon are not enemies, just part of the cannon sprite.) There will be a clown inside. The cannon will point torwards the player and if the player stands still for a certain amount of time in the cannon's radius, it will fire a Clown. If the Cannon loses all of its health, it will start to smoke. This is a warning for you to get away because it will explode in a certain amount of time after losing all of it's health. It will drop a Cannon object. It can be placeable like any Furniture item. When you get inside the Cannon, you can aim at around and left-click to fire yourself out. You will take damage from any blocks you hit if you don't have Angel or Demon Wings, Lucky or Obsidian Horseshoe.



All clowns exept the Sorcerer and the Warrior have a chance to drop a Ball. If equiped, the player will stand on top of the same orange ball the Clown uses. If you haven't defeated the Circus Army at least once, you may fall off the ball and it will roll in the direction you were facing, damaging enemies and becoming an item when destroyed. If you did defeat them once, you will no longer fall off the ball.

Clown Outfit

Every clown exept the sorcerer will also have a chance of dropping part of the Clown Outfit.

Red Nose

All clowns have a chance to drop the Red Nose item. When used, it will make a "honk" sound and a "Red Nose" buff will appear, which makes your character's nose red.

Please comment if you like and/or have an idea for me! I will give credit to you.