It's been a long time since I've done one of these... anyway. The Recycler. The Recycler turns items into the materials that were used to craft it.

To craft the Recycler, one will need the following items.

Then, at an Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil, they can craft the Recycler.

So here's how it works. Right clicking the Recycler shows a single empty slot on the left, and a 10x4 grid of slots on the right. (like the inventory of a chest!) The Player puts the item they want to recycle in the slot on the left, and the materials used to craft it appear in the slot grid. e.g., if the Player puts a Chest in the slot, 8 Wood and 2 Iron Bars/Lead Bars will appear in the grid.

NOTE: The Player cannot store items in the Slot Grid like a normal chest; they can only take items that appear there.

And that's basically it. Thanks for reading!