Hello everyone! Something only tangentially related to Terraria, but definitely related to the Terraria wiki:

Earlier today in chat, Koggeh posed me a bit of a puzzle/riddle, and I thought I'd "crowdsource" it (with permission, don't worry), so to speak:

"As a wanderer sees many things, as a person without feels loss, from pain comes hope, to give to others I choose.
Many places I have been, many lives I have lived. No one envies me, & that's how it is.
The vast world I have explored on my quest for a home. The vast world of many others, bound to find some.
As a wanderer sees many things, as a person who knows loss, I choose to make others feel happy, & welcome, that's just, what I do."

(Note that when I asked if this was about him, Koggeh said "That's true." So there's that.)

So, what do you guys think?