Hi everyone!

I had been intending to run a Pywikibot on this wiki ever since shortly after I became an admin here, but it just kept being put on the back burner in favor of other things.

Well, this blog is to announce that after a few days of tinkering, I finally got around to setting up the Niner-7 account (which you may have seen creating its user and talk pages a couple of days ago) I created to actually run as a bot. I intend to use it to do things like renaming categories, correcting common spelling/grammar errors, enforcing parts of TW:MoS, and other tedious/time-consuming tasks. As a specific example of what I intend to use this bot for, I expect its first task will be removing the old version history categories (eg. Category:1.0.0, Category:1.2) from all pages which still use them.

However, I'm reluctant to do anything with the account in question here until I can get a bot flag on it, which allows all of its edits to be hidden by default in Special:WikiActivity and Special:RecentChanges (which it could otherwise completely overwhelm). This flag generally needs community consensus (or at least community awareness and not community opposition, I suppose) to be added to an account, so please leave any comments or concerns below!

Niner-7 has the bot flag as of 02:24, March 24, 2015 (UTC), so discussion on this blog is now closed! If you have any bot task suggestions, please add them here.