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  • PartyEnderman

    Holy COW!!!

    November 3, 2016 by PartyEnderman

    OK we did A LOT of stuff! First of all, we have been doing a goodie bag festival, where we collect as many goodie bags as possible. I have a lot of costumes like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, an alian from Alians, and a TMNT. So there's that, but Chaplin, KitKat, and I went to Skelletron Prime. We where all hyped to, we looked like we just drank 7 cups of straight caffeine. We had badle potions, amazing swords and armor, like everything we could possible do. We summon him, and we're all hyped! Literally, 20 seconds later we defeat his four arms... rly? Then about 10 seconds later we defeated him... RLY? We got SOOOOOOOOOO hyped for literally nothing. That's all I can blog for right now, I can blog later today, probably, so stay tuned! Bye g…

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  • PartyEnderman

    Le Solar Eclipse

    July 26, 2016 by PartyEnderman

    Ok so Chaplin, KitKat, and I were minding our business when " a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we killed a lot of enemies blah blah blah what ever. So Chaplin and I go to the jungle with some spelunker potions to find some life fruit and KitKat does her own thing when all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we're all like rly? So after getting some more stuff it ended and at this point we haven't seen the sun for two nights and days. Finally we think the sun is going to come up, all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" at this point we got almost everything we needed so we honestly didn't care. So after that Chaplin made a Terra Blade and he had a LOT of fun with that. So that's about it. Now, I'm curious. I know people say curiosit…

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  • PartyEnderman

    Ok so, I know I took a WHILE for this one but I was VERY busy... Watching the new Ghost Busters... But I bet the title speaks for itself. I thought that the queen bee would be GREAT to fight over and over but then I got bees wax, I was like whoa... THEY FREAKIN UPDATED OMG I GOT TO TELL KITKAT RIGHT NOW!!! So I got KitKat a hornet staff and a spider staff, I got me a queen spider staff and a imp staff. Not only did that happen but we found a stylist... Yay!!! I have red hair for my health and KitKat got time hair dye and got a new hair cut. Well that's just about it so I'll see you guys later!!!

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  • PartyEnderman


    July 3, 2016 by PartyEnderman

    So it's finally summer! WOOT WOOT! But this was just me on Terraria so nothing too, too big happened. I need help, I don't know if the Honeyed Goggles are in Xbox One but I do know that the Fuzzy Carrot and the Turtle Shell are in Xbox but I don't know about the goggles. I have completely lost count on how many Queen Bees I've killed but I still don't have the goggles. So comment down bellow if it's in Xbox One yet or not. If I see one comment I will be thrilled. I'll see you wikians later!

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  • PartyEnderman


    June 2, 2016 by PartyEnderman

    I got SOOOOOOO busy with the anniversary and school work, it's almost summer! You better bet I'm going to be blogging then! But for Terraria's anniversary we had like, a bajillion fire works, and a ton of confetti and smoke bombs. So I went fishing in the hallow because I love fishing underground there, there is this perfect pool down there that is REALLY big. While fishing, I caught a zepra fish! So comment down below what I should name him! So not only that happened but KitKat, Chaplin, and I had a volleyball game with a beach ball and it was the best, KitKat won and got 20 gold! So then about a week later, KitKat and I found a way to break into the lihzahrd temple. You need six blocks of whatever, a hammer, wire, wrench, emergency wire …

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