OK we did A LOT of stuff! First of all, we have been doing a goodie bag festival, where we collect as many goodie bags as possible. I have a lot of costumes like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, an alian from Alians, and a TMNT. So there's that, but Chaplin, KitKat, and I went to Skelletron Prime. We where all hyped to, we looked like we just drank 7 cups of straight caffeine. We had badle potions, amazing swords and armor, like everything we could possible do. We summon him, and we're all hyped! Literally, 20 seconds later we defeat his four arms... rly? Then about 10 seconds later we defeated him... RLY? We got SOOOOOOOOOO hyped for literally nothing. That's all I can blog for right now, I can blog later today, probably, so stay tuned! Bye guys, and see you later today!