Ok so Chaplin, KitKat, and I were minding our business when " a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we killed a lot of enemies blah blah blah what ever. So Chaplin and I go to the jungle with some spelunker potions to find some life fruit and KitKat does her own thing when all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we're all like rly? So after getting some more stuff it ended and at this point we haven't seen the sun for two nights and days. Finally we think the sun is going to come up, all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" at this point we got almost everything we needed so we honestly didn't care. So after that Chaplin made a Terra Blade and he had a LOT of fun with that. So that's about it. Now, I'm curious. I know people say curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction revived it. I want to know so far how many people actually read this thing. If you have an account and read this, please PLEASE comment down below anything. Whether it's "I read this" or "cheese" I don't care. Bye!