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So my friend and I have been busy over the weekend and we did the following:

So we killed the destroyer multiple times and I regained my mega shark from my Xbox 360 world. Then we killed some pirates in a pirate invasion but the last invasion was interesting. Half way in the battle it was turning morning and a solar eclipse started. In our 360 world, a solar eclipse took place but guess what we got from that. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But this time, we got three broken hero swords and a swamp thing banner. With the hallowed bars from the destroyer, the hero swords, and the nights edge, I made the terra blade... Awesome!

Later after the solar eclipse, there was a full moon... Great. I remind you though there was still a pirate invasion going on. It was quite a day. After the moon there was a rain storm... Great. The storm lasted about a couple seconds but when the rain stopped, a walking fish nearby didn't change back. So there was a glitched walking fish that would glitch and spin into the dirt and back. It was weird. It was a interesting experience.

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