I used to have a world on the 360 but I had to move to the Xbox one sooooooo☹️. It's annoying. But it has gotten far, I've already killed the wall of flesh and have wings agian. I'm exploring the new fishing mechanics that was updated and it's really fun! Nothing is happening all that much.

But this one time I was going to prank my friend and I placed a pressure plate down right next to a chest statue and I wired it up. When he walked over it a mimic spawned but the problem was that his werewolf also triggered it and a mimic clone stepped on the pressure plate too so there were three mimics. Two of them went up his NPC housing and killed his painter and angler. I felt really bad so I snuck into his world and put a jellyfish necklace, diving gear, mythril bars, and two crystal hearts in an ice chest. Hopefully it payed off