I got SOOOOOOO busy with the anniversary and school work, it's almost summer! You better bet I'm going to be blogging then! But for Terraria's anniversary we had like, a bajillion fire works, and a ton of confetti and smoke bombs. So I went fishing in the hallow because I love fishing underground there, there is this perfect pool down there that is REALLY big. While fishing, I caught a zepra fish! So comment down below what I should name him! So not only that happened but KitKat, Chaplin, and I had a volleyball game with a beach ball and it was the best, KitKat won and got 20 gold! So then about a week later, KitKat and I found a way to break into the lihzahrd temple. You need six blocks of whatever, a hammer, wire, wrench, emergency wire cutters, a switch of any kind, and three actuators. First put the three actuators on the door, then take your wrench and hook it up to your switch (if you mess up use your wire cutters), then place your six blocks on both sides of the door, use your hammer to slant all the blocks to look like the door is covered in spikes. Then activate the switch. If The door will look like it's still locked and the wood won't be in the background, you did it right. Now walk into the wood and door. The game registers as the door being open and the wood would glitch because you didn't use the key, so you can walk in. KitKat and I went in and OH MY GOD the lihzahrds and flying snakes take a while to kill. So be prepared. And that is what I did for a while. Comment down below if the glitch was effective!