Yesturday I was playing with my friends and we had some stuff to do. I'm going to change my blog a bit and say the names of there characters because saying 'my friends' over and over is going to get SUPER anoying. So Chaplin (friend 1) needed material for the ankh shield so we went to the jungle for the bezoar. Chaplin, KitKat (friend 2), and I have all agreed to name turtles "the things that shall not be named" because we had so many deaths by turtles that we thought it they didn't deserve its name. I also found a life fruit then moments later KitKat did too, so we started a life fruit cycle.Later on I got a bezoar and chpln was SUPER jelly!(for all that don't know I write and say jealous as jelly) then, right when we were getting somewhere with our progress *The Pirates are invading from the east*... Great. After a mind numbingly easy battle, we decided TO HECK WITH IT!... And then fought the twins. It was definitely a challenge but even worse was that it was raining. Nothing a terra blade, mega shark, cursed flame, and golden shower can't fix! After that Chaplin got an Excalibur and KitKat got a Rainbow rod. Not only that, but I finished my set of frost armor! I had a very good day!