So I have been going down into a Mushroom Biome for its truffle worms. My friend and I have made a plate form in the the biome for an increase spawn of the truffle worms, it really works!

But you know what else spawns on the plate form? Mimics. Lots and lots of mimics. I'm only missing a philosophers stone at this point. But it spawns more worms then mimics now. But I have been using a method where I frantically use my bug net and just drop on the Truffle worms. It works very well and I suggest it for all those Truffle Worm people.

So far, I have 16-18 Truffle Worms and counting. Sadly my corruption has spread to the biome so clingers and I have been at a crimson so I place some Crimson blocks so herplings... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (obvious sarcasm is obvious)