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PaulaDeKoe January 30, 2012 User blog:PaulaDeKoe

I need help to fight The Twins. Nope, not anymore!

I got Adamantite Armor with a Hallowed Plate Mail, Unreal Megashark, good potions & accesoires and more good stuff but they always kill me.

It would be great if someone could start a server and help me.

I have Mechanicle Eye so you don't need to craft one of you want to help me.

Don't make any more comments because I already have defeated them,

Anyway, Thanks for your help, it was REALY usefull.


  • 25 Cobalt Bars
  • 5 Souls of Might (Destroyer)
  • 10 Souls of Flight (Wyvern)
  • 15 Souls of Night (Underground Corruption)

Please comment if you want to help me!

Also, writing tips in a comment can always help me!

  • Steam: PaulaDeKoe , I guess.

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