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  • I live in China
  • My occupation is Computer Player/Minecraft Modder
  • I am Male
  • Physicalcool


    December 17, 2012 by Physicalcool

    Heeeeey people! Miss me? I know,I haven't been conributing for this whole half year.But from a week ago,I promised to come back and meet all my friends here,and play less minecraft and more terraria.and most important:

    I'M BAACK!!!!!

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  • Physicalcool

    Hey peeps!Wassup, It's been some time since my last post.I was surfing around the wiki,When I thought about installing mods on my terraria,Which is cracked.But the wiki says nothing about installing on a mac,And even worse,Nothing like,"This is how you install mods on a cracked Terraria."Plus,Like I told some people,Living in china is hard to fix,Or download something because they block the best sites like Youtube or mediafire.The only thing I can do,is wait until I can go back to japan,So I can watch.(plus,I can finish downloading Portal 2 from Steam!)

    The thing is,That I won't go back to japan until,Like,This January.And January is a pretty long time from now.So I was wondering if anyone could post a tutorial in the comments.You can send …

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  • Physicalcool

    GAH!IreallyneedtostopplayingminecraftI'mtooaddictedtoit!!!!! I know, I have promised everyone the idea, but all my brain makes me think is play minecraft. Hey, I got at least one part done, so here you go...

    Righty-ho!Now It's time to talk about the Portal....WAITWAITWAITWAIT!!!!!!!!Did we Forget Something?Yes We Did.Yes We did. Well, What Did we forget?WE FORGOT THE COMBINE MODE!!!!!!Anyways,time to continue.
    Boss Battle (Cont'd)
    Combine Mode:basically the two words just described itself.when his hp goes down to 2000,he turns into combine mode.He's a Huge Fireball surrounded by 5 FIREBALLS.And This is the Hard part:If he touches you,you die instantly.His fireball does 100 damage, and of course inflicting the cursed debuff.remember,you get l…

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  • Physicalcool

    Server Idea - Terracity

    September 12, 2012 by Physicalcool

    I was just resting my head a bit... and I thought, if we can make a city in minecraft,why not in terraria?

    so maybe someone can make a ported server,somehow. I dunno, you decide. just don't expect us ppl to start getting all the know, get t-shock or something. geez, i better stop using TMI in minecraft...(dont care about it)

    Oh yeah, I think you know my skype... but just incase you forgot/dunno, it's physicalcool123456 ( dunno if its capital p or not)


    I'm typing this in like,8 am in america or something,which is like 12 pm here(beijing, china).yawn, better stop and go to sleep...

    good night to all of you.


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  • Physicalcool

    Sorry for The Delay!

    August 29, 2012 by Physicalcool

    Yes I know,I'm Back!As you can see,I have been away from the wiki for a pretty long time.Not my fault!So the world of the cursed part 2 will be delayed a bit,due to upcoming school.But just before you yawn and sleep,or run away,I swear,I will write the idea this week!

    So see you guys soon!



    Still accepting people for Minecraft/Terraria.for more info go here --> LOL

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