Hey peeps!Wassup, It's been some time since my last post.I was surfing around the wiki,When I thought about installing mods on my terraria,Which is cracked.But the wiki says nothing about installing on a mac,And even worse,Nothing like,"This is how you install mods on a cracked Terraria."Plus,Like I told some people,Living in china is hard to fix,Or download something because they block the best sites like Youtube or mediafire.The only thing I can do,is wait until I can go back to japan,So I can watch.(plus,I can finish downloading Portal 2 from Steam!)

The thing is,That I won't go back to japan until,Like,This January.And January is a pretty long time from now.So I was wondering if anyone could post a tutorial in the comments.You can send me a link too,Just as long as it's not on dropbox,Youtube or mediafire.(Hey,Jenkins work for me,So if you have to use mediafire,Please use Jenkins.)

Thanks to all of you,For all your support,And thank you for reading this!

Enjoy life!