Hello There! This Is My First Mod Idea,I wrote this before but My CP crashed and have to rewrite this now :( So! Here we go: To Enter the land of the cursed,you have to defeat A updated version of chulthu.(better than chulthu, weaker than the twins)to summon him,you must craft the eye of the cursed.It is crafted with 5 suspicious eyes,20 cursed flames,and 5 copper and that's done,time for the boss battle.


Surprisingly,The cursed chulthu will only be able to spawn in the MORNING.Be warned,or else he'll smash you to death like a dungeon guardian as soon as the music for the night starts.(more like BURN you to death.)he has 3 modes:melee mode,flame mode and combine mode.let's talk about the first two modes first.

His basic stats:he has 10,000 hp,20 def,and 20 first,he is just the boring chulthu.when his hp goes to 8,000,he will start switching between 1st and 2nd modes.he switches modes every 30 secs in real life.when 30 is up,he spins and spins(like chulthu)and changes to mode 1 or flame mode,he is surrounded by 3 cursed flames,which is spinning around him.if you touch it,you get the cursed debuff.he shoots a spray of cursed flames balls(be warned the flames dont have gravity effect!)and tries to tackle you.flame mode stats:20 Defense,20 melee,40 flame damage(range).

Melee mode:This Is really Hard!He looks like a huge cursed flame,and of course if you touch him,you get the debuff.Melee stats:50 Melee, 10 Defense.Or if you people want,Instadeath...(touch,then dead)

Alright,that's all for now,(because I'm lazy,But I'll make part 2).

Thanks for reading!