GAH!IreallyneedtostopplayingminecraftI'mtooaddictedtoit!!!!! I know, I have promised everyone the idea, but all my brain makes me think is play minecraft. Hey, I got at least one part done, so here you go...

Righty-ho!Now It's time to talk about the Portal....WAITWAITWAITWAIT!!!!!!!!Did we Forget Something?Yes We Did.Yes We did. Well, What Did we forget?WE FORGOT THE COMBINE MODE!!!!!!Anyways,time to continue.
Boss Battle (Cont'd)
Combine Mode:basically the two words just described itself.when his hp goes down to 2000,he turns into combine mode.He's a Huge Fireball surrounded by 5 FIREBALLS.And This is the Hard part:If he touches you,you die instantly.His fireball does 100 damage, and of course inflicting the cursed debuff.remember,you get like 50 damage from the ball,so be careful(and keep in mind,he can shoot!)so basically this is his status:0 defense,999 attack, 100 ranged.

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