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Mod idea: You shouldn't have done that

PinXviiN April 27, 2012 User blog:PinXviiN

i got an idea of a new mod!

If you kill skeletron prime,you have 78% change to have a item: Black Hole. and title(or sth) is: Please... Do not use it... you have to collect those about 3 and with those you can craft at the demon altar: shadow hole. You need do go at the dungeon at night (or day), do summon a old mans brother (ithink), he's all bloody, and walking slowly. if you talk to him, you have 3 choises, 1. die 2. wait 3. run away. if you choose run away, he will despawn, wait, will stay there and let you be ready, or if die, he will die and title down says: You shouldn't have done that... then there spawns a huge demon and name is: ??? he has 55000 HP, armor 25, damage 45-90. if you kill it (somehow) youll recive 25 platium, lots of cursed flame, ammo, arrows, some magic spells, etc. and title will say down: You won the battle, but not the real fight... after 15 terraria days, at night the time will stop, all other npc, monsters too,expect YOU! and down title will say in red: I sayd, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!!! And there will spawn rhe same demon, huge but has much better armor, faster, stronger, and he's name will be: HIM

pretty cool, huh? sorry about grammar, i live another country :P

i think if others will like, ill think ill make a mod...

You have read the idea, but you haven't test it...

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