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  • Platypusboy

    Hi , before i get to the biome idea i want to suggest these two little things .

    -A staff to control where minions shoot (for pvp)

    -Buy-able baits

    Now for the biome :

    -what if you buy alot of stuff from the during hardmode traveling merchant then a new caravan npc comes?

    -you will pay him platinums so he gets you to the Dynasty world

    -Its a new world with new trees,armor,mobs,weapons,temple and boss .

    i think like Trees:cherry blossom,dynasty trees.

    Biomes : The lake , The temple , Dynasty forest

    Armor: cherry blossom, dragon armor.

    Mobs: Tiger (tiger skin 15%) not the travelling merchant one , warrior zombie , leaopard slime (1-3 gel) , Dynasty Dragon , panda ,

    undead warrior (warrior helmet 10%) , sea snake , mutant octopus (0-2 poisoned tentacles 1…

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