Hi , before i get to the biome idea i want to suggest these two little things .

-A staff to control where minions shoot (for pvp)

-Buy-able baits

Now for the biome :

-what if you buy alot of stuff from the during hardmode traveling merchant then a new caravan npc comes?

-you will pay him platinums so he gets you to the Dynasty world

-Its a new world with new trees,armor,mobs,weapons,temple and boss .

i think like Trees:cherry blossom,dynasty trees.

Biomes : The lake , The temple , Dynasty forest

Armor: cherry blossom, dragon armor.

Mobs: Tiger (tiger skin 15%) not the travelling merchant one , warrior zombie , leaopard slime (1-3 gel) , Dynasty Dragon , panda ,

undead warrior (warrior helmet 10%) , sea snake , mutant octopus (0-2 poisoned tentacles 10%)

Boss 1: dynasty warrior dragon. (Breathes fire, summons dynasty dragons, attacks like wyvern)

To summon the boss you need to craft the golden statue (craftted with 4 tigerskin 6 shiny gold 1 warrior helmet) at the temple shirne .

spawn during daytime (nighttime makes him summon dragons more frequently).

hp 60,000

atk 150

def 55

when killed you will get 10 gold coins , 15-31 Dragon skin , magical orb , potion of healing 15-20

and one of these : dragon staff (summoner), dragon's breath (magic) , Warrior spear (melee) , dragon souls (ranged)

6.50% dragon mount.

3.30% pet panda.

4.60% Croc Staff

14.29% dragon trophy.

the orb is used to open a dungeon i think?

Dragon armor (summoner) 40 def

Dragon mask 10 def 15% increased minion damage versus bosses and increased max number of minons.

(set bonus : one of your mions may become a warrior dragon that deals 300 damage for 3 sec.)

Dragon helmet 10 def 20% increased minion damage versus monsters and increased max number of minons.

(set bonus : increased minion max number by 5.)

Dragon breastplate 25 def 15% increased minion damage and increased max number of minons.

Dragon greaves 5 def 15% increased minion damage and increased max number of minons.

croc staff 40 summon damage,stationary: (summons a croc that clings to monster and deals continuous damage.)

Boss 2 : The Sea Serpent

summon by crafting a Mysterious water orb with 5 koi (fished in the lake biome) 1 magical orb 3 poisoned tentacles .

you will get 3 Mysterious water orbs . throw one at a sea snake .

hp:70,000 def:50  melee atk:phase1: 100 phase2:200 (999 when out of the lake biome)

phase 1: will stay in the lake and shoots spikes at you that deals 50 then will shoot a water orb that causes slowness and deals 25 dmg

phase 2 : he will get wings and fly , melee attacks , will shoot spike bombs that explode into spikes

When killed you will get 15 gold coins 17-35 serpent scale , greater healing potion 15-25

and one of these: Spike bow (ranged) Water orb (magic) spikerang (melee) octopus staff (summoner)

3.5% pet koi

6.7% Serpent wings

15.3% spike launcher and 15-28 spike ammo

14.29% Serpent trophy.

Serpent armor :(44 Magic) (54 Ranged) (73 Melee)

Set Bonus : Spike Balls Gets realeased when damaged dealing 34 -40 damage each

do you think its a good idea? if you liked it suggest more ideas and tell me what you think .