• Ploopythelast

    Goblin army ideas

    February 17, 2012 by Ploopythelast

    I was fighting the goblin army the other day and I noticed that there not very difficult to defeat during hard mode. I also fought them in a pre-hard mode world, and i easily swamped them with a full set of meteorite armor and a space gun. I'v been thinking since then, and I think I have some half-way decent ideas on how to make the invasions more challenging.

    New enemies

    Goblin Grenadier: like the clown, this goblin throws explosives as means of attacking. However, the demolistionist attacks with grenades, walks on his feat, and doesn't spawn very often so hes not as frustrating. He appears as a goblin wearing a black soft cap and a tan shirt and pants. He has about 80 health, 4 defense, and touching him does about 10 damage. After har…

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