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  • Pogolaugh


    March 31, 2012 by Pogolaugh

    Hello Fellow Terraria people I was woundering if anyone would like to play ctg some time. Me and my friends want to play but there are only four of us. So If you want to please message me on here saying you want to play and include your steam name. Also If you want to bring your friends just see if they would like to play and ethier have them contact me or include their steam name. Thanks Bye!

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  • Pogolaugh

    Hey everyone!!!!! Ive been playing 1.1 but when ever i try to resize the window or go fullscreen with the option in the game it comes up with an error... Im not sure why but does anyone else have any ideas on how to fix this???? It might just be because im using an older computer but its not that old....

    Edit 1: Oh yea i forgot if i try to go fullscreen it makes me reboot my computer!!!!! This makes me mad! But ive been having fun with the 1.1 update hope someone can help me though!!!!

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  • Pogolaugh

    Why is terraria laggy for me now? Its hard to do anything is about a second off maybe less. Please help if you know anything!!!!!

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  • Pogolaugh


    December 1, 2011 by Pogolaugh

    Hey everyone!! This is my first blog post and im really excited about the new update 1.1!! BUT MY PC GOT A VIRUS!!!!! AHHHHHH. I really hope my dad can fix it so i can get it on sale today for 2.50!!!!!


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