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  • I live in No where
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is Undertale Research
  • I am Female
  • PoolTable2567

    A Terrarian's quest is when you try to defeat all the bosses. It's my term at least. O this will be a short story on my adventures in Terraria. Enjoy.

    I remember when I bought Terraria for the iPad. It was in March 2014. I created my first character and first world. When I spawned in the classic world, I spawned near a mini floating island. I collected some materials and built my first house. It was a dirt house I still have in the world unedited. I placed a crafting table, a chair, doors, platforms, torches and walls in hopes of having the guide move in. It was almost night so I decided to get some more wood. I got killed by a green slime. It was near my spawn so I decided I'd defeat it. I did. It was night now and zombies came into my ho…

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