• Priest Bro

    Hey guys it is PriestBro!

    It looks that my Breaker wall is very popular so i made a little bonus...the new items:

    The Mechalo Blade (Mythril anvil,the longest sword in the game,50 melee damage,very fast speed,average knockback,˝the demons want this back˝:

    1 Breaker Blade

    20 Soul of fight.

    Broken chainmail(Mythril anvil,9 armor,fallen kingdom set):

    20 silver bars,

    5 Soul of fight.

    Broken leggins(Mythril anvil,8 armor,fallen kingdom set):

    18 silver,

    4 Soul of fight.

    Flag of fight(Loom,accessory slot,+5% monster spawning):

    10 Silk,

    1 Iron bar,

    8 Soul of fight.

    Fury knife(Hellforge,40 throwing damage,inflict:on fire,like a throwing knife,˝cold to the touch˝)

    50 throwing knife,

    1 Soul of fight

    Thanks for all and special thanks to:Metroidhunter72 the sprite maker…

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  • Priest Bro

    Whoopie problems

    April 3, 2012 by Priest Bro

    Hey guys,it is PriestBro!

    You may know or may not for an item called:Whoopie Cushion.

    I am having terraria 1.1 and im not shure did they removed or something did whit the whoopie all i wish i would have one so if somebody has an idea how to award some Whoopie Cushions in Terraria 1.1 then plz help...

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  • Priest Bro

    Hello once again,its PriestBro!

    Im thinkin on a new boss:


    Has 6000 hp.50-120 damage a touch.Flyes but can not go through blocks.Harpies shot 3 feathers a time.The queen shoots 10 feathers a time and it can make you the buff:confused and broken armorThe harpy queen is looking the same as the harpies just that she is much bigger and has a crown on her head.The harpy queen drops a claw when beaten(what is used for making a Grappling claw,3 iron chains and 1 claw),6-10 healing potions and 1-4 Featherfall potions.

    Summoning it:

    You must go into the atmosphere and use Black Feathers.

    Mythril anvil:

    2 black dye,

    10 feather.

    Makes black feathers.

    If you leave the atmosphere the queen will fly away.(like the Eye of Cthulhu at sunrise).

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  • Priest Bro

    Hey guys!Its PriestBro!

    I wish the WoF could have a harder version!

    This is my idea:


    Instead of the 2 eyes and the mounth it has huge Probes that have 8000 hp.There are 3 probes so the full hp is:24000 hp.The probes shoot Rapid death lasers.When a probe is hurt to 4000 hp it will spin like the Eye Of Cthulhu and turn into a mechanical mounth that has the effect of a Flamethrower.You must destroy all the huge probes to beat the wall.The walls body is iron with spikes in the front(somehow like the Breaker Blade).When you touch the spikes or his body you will take 100 damage a touch.Instead of Hungries there are Probes combined with the wall with chains.When they take atleast 10 damage they chain will blow up and they will start…

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  • Priest Bro

    Horror Torch

    April 2, 2012 by Priest Bro

    Hey guys!It is PriestBro!

    I have a realy good idea for terraria:

    You craft this item at a Demon Altar:

    You combine:50 torch and 1 Soul Of Fright.

    And you get:50 Horror Torches

    The Tooltip:˝you have no idea˝ .

    It glows Metalic.

    Effect:Once you place 100 Horror torches in your world,there is a 10% chance at blood moons that Skeletron Prime awokes.

    Hope you like the idea!

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