Hey guys it is PriestBro!

It looks that my Breaker wall is very popular so i made a little bonus...the new items:

The Mechalo Blade (Mythril anvil,the longest sword in the game,50 melee damage,very fast speed,average knockback,˝the demons want this back˝:

1 Breaker Blade

20 Soul of fight.

Broken chainmail(Mythril anvil,9 armor,fallen kingdom set):

20 silver bars,

5 Soul of fight.

Broken leggins(Mythril anvil,8 armor,fallen kingdom set):

18 silver,

4 Soul of fight.

Flag of fight(Loom,accessory slot,+5% monster spawning):

10 Silk,

1 Iron bar,

8 Soul of fight.

Fury knife(Hellforge,40 throwing damage,inflict:on fire,like a throwing knife,˝cold to the touch˝)

50 throwing knife,

1 Soul of fight

Thanks for all and special thanks to:Metroidhunter72 the sprite maker of the Breaker wall and the Harpy queen and to MrEasyCheasy the one who gave me the good ideas.