Hey guys!Its PriestBro!

I wish the WoF could have a harder version!

This is my idea:


Instead of the 2 eyes and the mounth it has huge Probes that have 8000 hp.There are 3 probes so the full hp is:24000 hp.The probes shoot Rapid death lasers.When a probe is hurt to 4000 hp it will spin like the Eye Of Cthulhu and turn into a mechanical mounth that has the effect of a Flamethrower.You must destroy all the huge probes to beat the wall.The walls body is iron with spikes in the front(somehow like the Breaker Blade).When you touch the spikes or his body you will take 100 damage a touch.Instead of Hungries there are Probes combined with the wall with chains.When they take atleast 10 damage they chain will blow up and they will start rapid firing Pink lasers on you.The Breaker wall will drop a Probegun what is like the laser rifle just that it is faster and more powerfull just that it costs 10 mana a shot.

Summoning it:

Mythril anvil:

10 Copper Bar,

10 Iron Bar,

10 Silver Bar,

8 Soul Of Night.

Makes a:Mechanical voodoo doll.(Must throw it into lava in the Underworld).

When you beat the wall this text will type:

˝The Breaker wall has been defeated˝ and ˝The Mechanical doom has been released˝.

Then will a new biome spawn on the world.Called:Iron biome.There are Probes spawning and trees are of iron,so you must break trees whit a pickaxe or with a drill.The trees will drop iron instead of wood.And there will be new monsters called:ROBOT(600 hp,20 armor,drops 5-9 iron,immune to:on fire and confused).

You should have a large map and powerfull weapons because if you reach the end of the map the Breaker wall will destroy you!


Hey its PriestBro...i have read the comments and saw that my idea is good...i saw some recommends and they were pretty good!So:The Breaker Wall will drop some more stuff:Soul of Fight 10-30,Silver flower (vanity item and accesory (resistance to confused),Broken crown(8 defence,helmet).In the iron biome will be a new monster:Silver worm(1000 hp,2 armor,immune to:confused,poisoned and on fire,drops:10-20 silver bar,its the destroyers smaller version like the world feeder)Im thinkin of changing the biomes name so im still thinkin...thanks for the names:mechanical biome...


SoF:˝The essence of a powerfull demon˝

Silver flower:˝its shining...˝

Broken crown:˝it belongs the fallen kingdom˝

If you want to see the first version sprite of the Breaker wall then ask Metroidhunter72 he is the creator of the sprite...good job man!

(The Soul of Fight was an idea by:MrEasyCheasy...he told the idea:Mechanical Soul...still thanks for the idea!

Have a nice day...