Hello once again,its PriestBro!

Im thinkin on a new boss:


Has 6000 hp.50-120 damage a touch.Flyes but can not go through blocks.Harpies shot 3 feathers a time.The queen shoots 10 feathers a time and it can make you the buff:confused and broken armorThe harpy queen is looking the same as the harpies just that she is much bigger and has a crown on her head.The harpy queen drops a claw when beaten(what is used for making a Grappling claw,3 iron chains and 1 claw),6-10 healing potions and 1-4 Featherfall potions.

Summoning it:

You must go into the atmosphere and use Black Feathers.

Mythril anvil:

2 black dye,

10 feather.

Makes black feathers.

If you leave the atmosphere the queen will fly away.(like the Eye of Cthulhu at sunrise).