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Underworld ideas

Hey guys,it is PriestBro.

The Underworld is a nice place to have some fun...but i would be awesome that there would be even more enemies!

Here are my ideas:

Flame mummy:300 hp,20 armor.Makes the debuff:on Fre,immune to:Confused,on Fire and Cursed.Spawns on Ash blocks.Spawns on Hardmode and deals up to 120 damage a touch.Has a 20% chance to drop a Hellstone Bar.Has a 60% chance to spawn.Cannot die in lava.Has no knockback.Drops about 2 silver coins when dead.

Magma golem:500 hp,50 armor.Makes the debuff:Confused and Broken Armor, immune to:on Fire.Spawns on Hellstone bricks.Spawns on Hardmode at Blood moon.Deals up to 200 damage.Has a 80% chance to drop Iron(2-4).Has a 10% chance to spawn.Cannot die in lava.Has small knockback.Drops about 3 silver coins when dead.

Hell mime:An NPC whit 250 hp,5 armor.Found bound.Can die in lava.Only spawns in the Underworld.Sells:Hellstone:1 gold coin,Lava bucket 5 gold coins,Obsidian 50 silver coins and a Flaming cross(immune to on fire) 50 gold coins.

Thats all for now...

Thanks for all if you have some other ideas for the Underworld type em in the Comments!

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