Pre-Hardmode Boss Fight Tips

Everybody out there who needs help in killing bosses pre-hardmode, don't fear! Here is what will save you your troubles! I'm going to go through every pre-hardmode boss and mini boss, (non-console) giving you the ideal suitable items, battle arenas and battle guides. Enjoy!


Eye of Cythulu (I can't spell it right) :

Items: Bow and 300 arrows

Arena: Wide, open space with 2 or more platforms going across, but high enough so that zombies can't attack you.

Tips: In the first form, aim for the center of the eye. Unholy arrows are good as when the servants spawn, it rips right through them, dropping a heart and attacking the actual boss itself. In the second form, he will start to dive at you. Wait until he's calmed down, then start shooting.

Link for the official page: Eye of Cythulu (again, I spelt it wrong =P)

Eater of worlds:

Weapons: Shrukinsgrenades, a bow and 250 or more arrows. (I might have spelt shrukins wrong. Soz!)

Armour: I recommend silver or better. Otherwise, this battle is pretty tough.

Arena (Above ground): For a suitable arena, build two walls in the corruption about 20 blocks apart from each other. Make these walls level, and as high up as you want, as long as the purple backround of the corruption doesn't fade. Now, make rows of wooden platforms going from one wall to the other. The monsters in the corruption cannot go down platfroms, making you safe from them when on the platform below or further underneath the top one. cover up any craters that may be in your battlefield, as the items from the boss may fall down there, or you could as well.

Arena (below ground): Clear off an area with walls from the floor to the ceiling so the monsters cannot attack you. Then build a platform across from one wall to another, so you have two platforms to stand on. Make sure you have a shadow orb below you. Dig down to it, but don't smash it yet. Make platforms to your arena so that you can escape the cramped space and into your arena. Go ahead and smash when ready. Above ground is preferred, as you get more space to move around and you can tell when the boss is about to strike.

In-Battle: Keep a good distance from him. Using a ranged weapon will resoult in a sucessful kill. Try to do damage to every part of the body. When the boss on lower health, use grenades to instantly blow up parts of the Eater of World. Do not use grenades when it is next to you, or you will blow up. Kaboom!

Potions: Swiftness, regeneration and ironskin. Healing potions are essential. If you have discovered a mushroom biome underground, make healing potions form lesser healing potions. Otherwise, try to take the least amount of damage possible, as the health boost is not very much, and you will need to wait the 1 minute cooldown for another one.

Tip: Any type of ranged weapon that can go through multiple enemies (such as a bow with unholy arrows) is a great thing to have against this boss, as they can go straight through the Eather of Worlds, dealing multiple hits of massive damage.

Link for the official page: Eater of Worlds

King slime:

Items: Bow and 100 arrows (backup weapon too)

Arena: VERY long platform

Tips: Keep a good distance away, and don't backtrack, or you'll bump into the blue slimes .

Link for the official page: King Slime

Wyvern (hard mode):

Items: Crystal storm and mana potions .

Arena: Long platform in space.


1. Don't fight this boss on a server, as it's very buggy.

2. Have a backup source of flight, such as rocket boots , so that you don't try to jump over Wyvern and you fall too early.

3. Stay a good distance away, and be prepared to jump. He's fast.

Link for the official page: Wyvern


Items: Minishark with 750 bullets or more to be safe.

Arena: Two platforms going along.

Tips: Have some way to leap over skeletron, as his spin attack could catch you and kill you easily.

Link for official page: Skeletron

Wall of Flesh:

Items: Minishark of Star Cannon with lots of ammo

Arena A very long bridge across hell

Tips: Keep a distance form him, but not too far, or he will despawn. Remember to kill the leeches for extra health.

Link for the official page: Wall of Flesh