As we all know (or at least, most of us,) , when you kill the Wall of Flesh hardmode will turn on and cannot be turned off. Kinda harsh, right? Now, a lot of you out there are worried that when you turn on hard mode that you don't have the right or nessessary items. Now, look at my avatar. I'm not here to throw shrukins at you or use my super-unnatural skills to slay the dragon that lays inside of your soul, no. I'm here to help you. Well, hopefully...


Pyroninja76 (talk) 07:44, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

Let's get started:

Part 1. You're a fool without a tool

Before you even consider activating hard mode, get the right tools. You will need a molten pickaxe when you start hard mode so that you can mine up all the precious cobalt before corruption and hallow take over. From that you can make a cobalt drill to mine mythril and then a mythril drill to mine adamantite and so on. You will need to always keep your Pwnhammer with you. These are dropped by that Wall of Flesh, and are the strongest hammer in the game. You don't necccecerily need a strong axe for fighting (they don't go far) , but you need at least a copper axe with you at all times. Bombs work fine too, but we'll get to that later.

Part 2: Shields before swords

Defence is crucial. Every single accesory needs to be defencive. And warding is basically the only one you will ever need. Now for armour. Molten armour? That's a MUST. It gives you more defence than cobalt armour. If you use lots of magic, hold it back. You can wait a little longer.

And also:


Molten Armour

That's what he said.

Part 3: Forge 'dem weapons

Now, on to weapons. You need these. There are only really a few weapons that I can recommend. Well, as they say, one's better than nottin'.

Melee: Night's Edge and Fiery Greatsword (for short but strong and long but weaker attacks, use them right and you'll be a ninja like me! Lol jokes...) .

Ranged: Minishark and/or phionex blaster (and add in the star cannon if you're that rich. =P)

Magic: For magic there's a large variety to choose from. Choose the right ones at the right time to unleash the true power inside you... Ok, enough of the fantasy talk. Onwards to Hard Mode! So, you can choose from the water bolt for repedetive or sneaky attacks, the Demon Sythe for slow but tank attacks and the Flamelash, for controllable awesome flame.

Part 4: It's show time!

That's all I have to say for now. Any tips or questions and I'll reply happily. Tell me if I'm awesome or a noob.

Well, I'm out.

Pyroninja76 (talk) 07:44, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

(I had to do the signiture again, just so everybody gets the point.)