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    WOF Strategies.

    October 5, 2013 by Ragonoid

    Hello! My name is Ragonoid, and I wanted to make a tutorial on how to beat the Wall of Flesh!  

    Step 1: How to get to the Underworld

    Make a Hellavator. A Hellavator is a tunnel going straight down to The Underworld.      

    Step 2: Battle Arena

    Make a long bridge going through Hell, I use Wood/Shadewood/Ebonwood platforms.  The reason I use platforms is so you can shoot the Wall under the platform.  This gives you another area to shoot.   

    Step 3: How to initiate the fight 

    Make a [1]Demon Farm[or grind], and wait until you get a Guide Voodoo Doll, so you can summon The Wall of Flesh! 

    Do this by throwing the doll into Lava, but DO NOT do this if you do not have a live Guide in your world.   

    Step 4: Equipment

    Armor; At least full Necro Armor, but I …

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