• RainbowPiggy1337

    Hello everyone !

    I'm kinda curious what you guys think of the Frost moon inclusive mobs,drops or improvements you would like to add ,one of my favorite mobs is the Ice Queen,a very challenging boss,that's why it's my favorite boss of the frost moon ! Another mob that attracts my attention is the Santa-NK1,its second form creeps me out every time,i think some of you guys think that too lol.The favorite drop to me are the Reindeer Bells,love that rudolph mount ! Sadly there's no Frost hydra mount or somenthing. If i was a dev i would add a very rare drop (2:100) for the ice queen that upgrades the staff of the frost hydra into the Frost hydra mount or somenthing,meanwhile you ride it it will shoot out its ice projectiles to enemies.

    One month …

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  • RainbowPiggy1337

    Strange bug

    November 28, 2013 by RainbowPiggy1337

    Hello people !

    I need help to solve/fix a very annoying bug :

    Everytime i'm flying,jumping or anywhere while being airborne,i can't use ANY items,wich makes it very hard to fight bosses and even weak hardmode monsters,place blocks or any decoration in mid-air .

    My current character is ranged,so it makes it even harder to fight any sort of mob,because i need to be  standing on the ground every time i want to use an item (exept potions).

    If anyone has experience with this bug,or knows how to fix/solve it,please write down the solution in the comment section.

    Thank you if you can help me :D

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