Hello everyone !

I'm kinda curious what you guys think of the Frost moon inclusive mobs,drops or improvements you would like to add ,one of my favorite mobs is the Ice Queen,a very challenging boss,that's why it's my favorite boss of the frost moon ! Another mob that attracts my attention is the Santa-NK1,its second form creeps me out every time,i think some of you guys think that too lol.The favorite drop to me are the Reindeer Bells,love that rudolph mount ! Sadly there's no Frost hydra mount or somenthing. If i was a dev i would add a very rare drop (2:100) for the ice queen that upgrades the staff of the frost hydra into the Frost hydra mount or somenthing,meanwhile you ride it it will shoot out its ice projectiles to enemies.

Here's the problem with the bug :

One month ago i noticed somenthing strange,i wasn't able to use any items,inclusive potions and buffs,whilst jumping/flying,or staying in mid-air.Another strange thing is that when i fall and i wait some seconds (meanwhile falling),i'm able to use items again and when i land on the ground i can't use any items either unless i wait some seconds.The third weird thing is that when i use an item on the ground and i jump up or fly,i'm still able to use the item,but when i stop using the item i can't use it anymore,because i'm flying.I'm still stuck with this bug.

This affects all my characters,this bug makes it really hard for my ranged character,because you have to shoot an enemy several times and you gotta dodge its attacks rapidly.This bug makes the hoverboard useless when floating.

Got any ideas how to fix it ? If not,should i remove and reïnstal Terraria? (all my worlds and players backed up of course)

Thank you if you can help me fix this bug and if you got any more ideasto improve the Frost moon ! :D