• Randomness2

    Plantera Guide

    October 7, 2013 by Randomness2

    For any of you that had trouble on Plantera, heres what I did:

    Full Spectre Armour

    Menacing Mana Flower

    Menacing Lightning Boots

    Menacing Obsidian Shield

    Menacing Star Veil

    Menacing Ghost Wings (Can be anywings wings, just make them menacing)

    Mythical Crystal Storm

    A bunch of greater mana potions

    A large vertical amount of space

    What i did was just go up and down shooting plantera with the crystal storm and when i stopped flying, i just fell down (dont hold up while falling) through Plantera.

    If this doesnt work for you, try Shroomite & Megashark, and replace the Mana Flower with a ranger emblem.

    Use Cursed or Crystal Bullets

    Note:when I did this, no healing potions whatsoever were required. If you try megashark, you will need healing potions.

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  • Randomness2

    Gem cave thingy

    October 5, 2013 by Randomness2

    I was just randomly digging and then i suddenly noticed a cave that looked like this:

    It looks like just a normal cave, but i noticed it had gem backgrounds. Is that something normal or is it something special? Just wondering.

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