• Ranger6I9

    Apocalypse Mode

    September 11, 2012 by Ranger6I9

    So this is the continuation of my other blog post for New Era Mode. And sorry, but this blog won't have any pictures... I know that is terrible to do, but I have no way to make these pictures... so... Sorry.

    When the New Era Mode left off, you dropped nulcear bombs on the entire world to get rid of the Underworld. That is all the mode needs to be activated. When you drop the bombs on the world (5 bombs are needed for a large world to completely purged of the Underworld.) the Underworld will be destroyed and a message will say: "The Underworld has been defeated!"

    After you get the message, you need to go talk to the Scientist. He will tell you it's safe to go down, b…

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  • Ranger6I9

    New Era Mode

    February 5, 2012 by Ranger6I9

    So this is my blog for the New Era Mode I talked about in my post. Enjoy!

    So this is the Mode after Hardmode, it does not so much change in actual difficulty, but it certainly does change the game. It is started after you get the Scientist Npc. How do you do this? Easy. Kind of. You see, you must make a computer. This is done by collecting 5 Wires, 35 Adimantium Bars, 20 Iron Bars, 2 Glass, and 10 Crystal Shards. It can be placed on a table or workbench. It is something one interacts with, like the Sign. Right clicking it opens up a sort of menu, in which on can tell it is an E-mail. This is actually a Hardmode object, but is needed to enter the New Era mode. It allows for E-mails to be sent to your character, from Npc's. For example, the M…

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