Apocalypse Mode

So this is the continuation of my other blog post for New Era Mode. And sorry, but this blog won't have any pictures... I know that is terrible to do, but I have no way to make these pictures... so... Sorry.

Apocalypse Mode Requirments

When the New Era Mode left off, you dropped nulcear bombs on the entire world to get rid of the Underworld. That is all the mode needs to be activated. When you drop the bombs on the world (5 bombs are needed for a large world to completely purged of the Underworld.) the Underworld will be destroyed and a message will say: "The Underworld has been defeated!"

The New World

After you get the message, you need to go talk to the Scientist. He will tell you it's safe to go down, but to be careful, for there might be pockets of poisonous radiation. You can either take your entire Artificial Floating Island down, or just the Airship. Either way, you go down, and encounter the new world. This new world is dirt. Dirt, stone, dead trees, and more dirt. The terrain is ruined, torn up, destroyed. Hills, gorges, mountains, etc. are found everywhere. You cannot explore the entire world, however. Exploring will eventually reveal pockets of hazey green air and ground. This is a pocket of radiation. Going in there will give the player the Poisoned debuff, and being within the pocket will take away your health on top of the debuff. (Leaving the pocket stops the health drainage, but you still have the debuff.) It is obvious that you need some new gear to explore the new world.

Gearing Up

Apocalypse Mode brings in many new things, but the most important are the Radiation Suit and the Gas Mask. The Radtiation Suit has a few variants, the Military RS (Radiation Suit), the Experimental RS, the Tribal RS, and the Generic RS. You make one by talking to the Scientist and selecting the option: "There's radiation." He will say that he can fix it, but he only has materials for one. From here, you must choose which you want. Generic give no bonuses, while Military give ranged bonuses, the Experimental give magic bonuses, and the Tribal give melee bonuses. The Generic looks like your basic orange radiation suit. Military looks like a gas mask and military fatigues. The Experimental has a gas tank on the back, and tubes going into the helmet. The Tribal has half of a gas mask (Only cover the mouth.) and rags for the rest of it. The Radiation Suit allows you to walk on irratiated areas without losing your health. After getting your Suit, the Scientist also tells you that you need a gas mask to breath the air. He gives you the accessory, and you must keep it in the accessories slot in order to not get poisoned. From there, you are ready to go back down to explore more.

The Radiation Zones


Exploration in the new Radiation Zone will be interesting. The world is now destroyed and torn up, ruined by Hell and the Nuclear bombs. And you can probably guess what is found in the Radiated Zone. That's right, Irratiated Blocks. Since these blocks do harm to all normal mobs, and normal mobs will spawn in non-irratiated areas, you can use the blocks to create defenses that will harm mobs. Equally, putting only a few blocks will not cause the air to become poisonous, but putting them in masses will. Mobs avoid these areas, so you could completely seal off and protect your house from normal mobs. Back onto exploration, however, they will be similar to the Corruption Chasms, only much deeper, and not as open on the way to the bottom. There will be irratiated or, which would of course be able to be turned into irratiated weapons, tools, and armors. But there are no new variants sadly.

(More to come soon!)