• RedCcard

    Mod Idea: The Moon!!!

    April 23, 2012 by RedCcard

    Hey guys. I think ive come up with the beggining of a cool mod idea!

    When you kill The Destroyer he has a 17% chance of dropping Heart Of Destroyers. This Heart Of Destroyers is used in the crafting of an Eye Of Space which is made out of 10 meteor ore, 3 moonglow, 1 moon charm, 5 souls of light, 5 souls of night and the tooltip during the day would be "It Glows...." but during the night it would be "It Feels..... Powerful?" So when you use it at night you teleport to a different dimension, which turns out to be the moon! You would spawn in an crased Alien Space craft where you would find 3 parts to a "space suit". If you went out of the shuttle without a space suit on you would die instantly. Also about 2 minutes after you spawn there woul…

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  • RedCcard

    Sprites, Check Em Out!

    April 22, 2012 by RedCcard

    Hey guys, Ive been spriting a max of 5 hours using....... Microsoft Paint. Yep Ive been attempting to sprite, with Paint.... I acctually think im getting quite good at it, Gee i think i might even have some talent!!! But i really would like some feedback so if you wouldnt mind, could you check them out? To actually look at them, drag then on to your desktop, double click and scroll in :D

    All Ideas, sprites and everything is 100% legit made by me APART from the purple background, I got that from Hellexarus.

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  • RedCcard

    Hey guys, lately I've seen that lots of people havent been able to kill the destroyer . I had this problem a few days ago and now ive decided to make a guide...ENJOY!!! BTW this is my first blog :)

    Heres an easy way without too much setup to Destroy The Destroyer!!!!!!!

    Youll Need: Phasesaber (pref legendary) -Dao Of Pow -Full Mythril Armor (pref adamantite)- Cross Necklace - Star Cloak - Obsidian/Cobalt Shield - Feral Claws (not completly needed)- Philosopher's Stone (not really needed) ALL ACCSEORIES TO +3 OR + 4 ARMOR (especially if you dont have Adamantite Ore )

    Preperation: build a small wooden platform about 30 blocks above the ground thats about 15 blocks wide and build 2 more above the first.

    Potions: anything your think you might need…

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