Hey guys, lately I've seen that lots of people havent been able to kill the destroyer . I had this problem a few days ago and now ive decided to make a guide...ENJOY!!! BTW this is my first blog :)

Heres an easy way without too much setup to Destroy The Destroyer!!!!!!!

Youll Need: Phasesaber (pref legendary) -Dao Of Pow -Full Mythril Armor (pref adamantite)- Cross Necklace - Star Cloak - Obsidian/Cobalt Shield - Feral Claws (not completly needed)- Philosopher's Stone (not really needed) ALL ACCSEORIES TO +3 OR + 4 ARMOR (especially if you dont have Adamantite Ore )

Preperation: build a small wooden platform about 30 blocks above the ground thats about 15 blocks wide and build 2 more above the first.

Potions: anything your think you might need, not featherfall or grav.

Method: spawn at the begining of the night, buff yourself and stand still. get your dao of pow out and "flail" DOWN the body thats coming out of the ground, still staying inside of his body (because the lasers do the damage) and just keep going. Use healing potions at appropriate times, and when your down to about 150 HP get your Phasesaber out and swing at the mini robots, WHILE still in his body. Get hearts from them and get "flailing" his body. Rinse and Reapeat until youve whooped his ass!!!