• RedDjango

    So I finally got the Cloud in a Bottle accessory and I've noticed an interesting effect. It pertains to the world ceiling and a combination of accessories, the Cloud in a Bottle being another contributor. If you have Rocket Boots, Hermes Boots, Cloud in a Bottle, Armor or accessories that increases your flight time and maybe the Shiny Red Balloon and the Lucky Horseshoe, you can use the ceiling to travel indefinately across the map (or as far as you can go before your wrist cramps up from pressing the spacebar repeatedly).

    The checklist to do this is thus:

    1. have a long flat surface, maybe in the air if you have low amounts of Mana.
    1. Run as far as you can until the Hermes Boots activate.
    1. Double Jump and then activate the Rocket boots and ascend u…

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