• Redbleuman

    Spriting is art

    March 17, 2012 by Redbleuman

    Hey guys my name is redbleuman and I am semi new to this wiki.

    I have stayed here so I might help koggeh with his mod, but it seems that it is normal for some spriters and I do not only talk about the spriters of koggeh, to not use a good pallet or use some kind of shading.

    Spriting is hard it takes time and can not be done with the standard paint colors.

    To show you a example of this I made some sprites all of difrent levels of spriting from bad to good, this wil help some of you guys who like to sprite to become better.

    Lets start, Here we have the normal wooden sword wich we are going to resprite

    Now lets start with something I see here a lot, No pallete and no own sprite and above all no good color shading.

    This is a tripy sword which is oft…

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