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  • Renojonathanr

    Want to join a co-op but can't find one? Well, here you go! The IP is, the port is 7778 and the password is 'coop'. Don't mess with anything until I say we can begin, okay?

    P.S.: Don't connect to port 7777. That's my server, Renorraria.

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  • Renojonathanr

    Survival Challenge!

    December 30, 2013 by Renojonathanr

    We've all had new characters in Terraria at one point or another before. They were very vulnerable to slimes and zombies and demon eyes. Now we are all OP and can even dispose of a Frost Moon without getting hurt. (I'll show you how. ;) ) So, how would you like to start as a new, vulnerable character again? Level up? Be challenged?

    To do this, come to my server at this IP: Share any tips for new chars in the comments section and don't forget to post your experiences at my forum at!

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  • Renojonathanr

    As you may have seen on TServerWeb, I have a Terraria server called Renorraria, and I thought that this wiki would be a good place to publicise it. xD

    Server IP:

    Port: 7777 (the default one, of course)

    Now, unlike most servers, I enabled server-sided characters, so you must start from scratch.

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