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ReviLeo July 14, 2014 User blog:ReviLeo

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Everyone has got to have Terraria experiences. It's part of the game. and this blog is a place to share them in the comments!

My Expereiences: (I'll do these in a script format, but you guys can use any format you want.)(My real name is Edd, be in this I'll be refered to as Me, exept by other people.)

Experience 1: Boulder Trap Trap.

(Scene: Me on singleplayer mining for Platinum,)

Me: Lalalalalalala, hey look, a room,

(I come across a room with a gold chest in it and a massive amount of Platinum below it.)

Me: Yaya! Jackpot!

(I start to mine and fall into a big pit. There is a  a massive army of underground mobs.)

Me: Aaaaah!

(I run away, activiting about nine boulder traps, which kill me, MAKING ME LOSE ALL MY MONEY!.)

(Much later, when I'm going to retrieve my money, I check the chest.)

Me: Let's see, Gold coin, Dynamite, Lesser Healing Potion and... Dangersense Potion

Me: o_o

Experience 2: Pixel Art Fail

(Scene: Me playing with friends Sam and Liam.)

Sam: Hey guys! Check out my awesome Pixel Art!

Liam and Me: Ok! Where are you?

Sam: Up on the Hallowed mountain, y'know, the really high one. 

Liam: Yes. I know. 

(Me and Liam hed over to Sam's Pixel Art.)

Me and Liam: Uhh...

Me: It looks like...

Sam: Yes Edd..

Liam: It looks like a Unicorn and a Wyvern trying to kill a bunny!

(Suddnly a Wyvern appears and lunges at Sam. A unicorn also charges at Sam. Sam dodges, causing the Unicorn And the Wyvern to collide with a bunny, killing it.)

Everyone: ...

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