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  • Ridleyschild

    As you can tell I am buying Obsidian Brickwall. I am trying to buy 20k of it. I'll buy 1k for 25 gold, making all 20k 5 platinum.

    I'm also selling life crystals if anyone needs them. I have 75-85 crystals, and I'm selling them for 1 gold 50 silver each.

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  • Ridleyschild


    April 10, 2012 by Ridleyschild

    This is something quick: I was wanting to possibly make an idea for a Slime Queen, but not quite sure if someone else has already made an idea for it. If so, I would like to know, or if it would be okay if I did it.

    Also, I got bored and wrote "Terraria" in Daedric lettering. (It's from the Elder Scrolls.)

    • Seems to not want to upload, I'll try later.*
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  • Ridleyschild

    The Masters NPCs

    March 6, 2012 by Ridleyschild

    The Masters are people who are just plain NPC's, but you can challange them once a day. Of course, you must be able to defeat the first Master to get to the next Master, then him to the final Master. Each of them have different rewards upon death. If you happen to die on one, you may try to kill one of them up to two more times (three times in total, and if you switch Masters, the death count still adds up. Once you beat a Master.) If you fail on the third try, you cannot fight them anymore (until the next day). If you kill one of them on the first try, you cannot fight them until the next day (starts 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM). Under the condition of each fight, you will gain a debuff called Monomania S (Sword), Monomania B (Bow), or M…

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  • Ridleyschild

    So I finally got Hamachi (Since Portforward didn't have my router) and can finally do multiplayer..! Well, kind of can... I can't host for some reason. I'm going to try to make another server when I get home, just to see if others can join me, but if they can't... I'll just be playing on other people's servers it sounds like.

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  • Ridleyschild

    Just talking

    February 8, 2012 by Ridleyschild

    I noticed a lot of people don't go into the chatroom, so I was thinking we could use this blog for people that don't go in there (even people that do go in there) can chat here! We can chat about anything except derogatory comments (WIKI RULES ARE STILL ENFORCED).

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