Well recently I have been having to go to theater every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from 4-7... It can be a real drag, but it can also be fun since I am being the stage manager for two or three of the plays (I do believe only two of them) and the rest (four total plays) I am being the light director. Pretty awesome being able to do the things I love recently since I haven't been able to do this type of stuff in a long time (last time I got to do something like this was when I went to the four corners region and got first place for lighting in our division.) Bad thing about this is, I can't take many screen shots since I get tired of from being bored and watching the actors/actresses fail at doing their lines. May not look like I have helped this Wiki much, but I can tell you I have found quite a few mistakes in this Wiki! Glad to do anything to help!

Deciding to tell you guys on what Plays we are going to do:

Play 1 - Grey Rose

This is a story about a person that thinks he is a normal person, just with a sickness, so he needs his doctors around to give him his medicines. Turns out he killed his brother, and has vivions of a person named "Rose" that tells him what to do, and he believes everything she says. (Sounds cheesy, but it's a great play. Produced by one of the drama students.)

Play 2 - Broken Wings

Broken wings is a sequel to the Fallen series (this was made by a student also, as well as the other two will be). It's mostly about Demons and Angels fighting to prove who is better. The Fallen (demons) try to make the Angels turn into demons since they have powers that are amazing which could help them steal more souls. Angels try to turn the Fallen into Angels so they can be "Blessed" by God so they can be free from the evil they have done and stop them from doing more evil.

Play 3 - Greyworld

This is about a person named Jamie that lives in a grey world. The Greyworld is a world that, of course, is grey. They allow no colors there, and NO imagination.The Greyworld is ran by a person named Gray that feeds off of the imagination of others to live forever. Jamie has an imagination, and tells no one but her best friend Ren, who makes Jamie run off into the woods (of course with the woods you never return like every other thing made.) Jamie finds a place of nothing BUT color and imagination at the end of the woods, who try to test her to see if she actually has an imagination, and Jamie fails to do so since they tried to make her jump off of a cliff (not a 10' cliff, more like 1000' cliff) and gets banned from the world of pure imagination. (Jamie also tried to bargain herself out of jumping from the cliff, but failed by saying "I think there should be limits on what people have to do, which limits means grey in the Color world.) Jamie finds two demon sisters that will grant any wish, and whishes for the two worlds to combine, and the sisters make the two worlds engage in war. Jamie fixes her doing of course.

Play 4 - My Aladdin

This play is supposed to be a play within a play, meaning during the play, they have the play "Aladdin" going on. This is going to be a horrible play... Entire stage right (If you are in the audience seating, you are looking at the left) is the backstage for the play. Entire Stage Left (right if you are in the audience) is the main stage for the play. Going to get confusing as Hell. Short play also. Adam, which is a Jock, thinks he is God since he gets to play Aladdin and gets to kiss a girl named Riley (the cutest girl in the play) who plays Jasmine. Later on he sprangs his ankle (Still don't know how to do this part in reality since our stage is going to be different than the one that was written in the play) and has to get filled in by his enemy, thatoneguy. Thatoneguy gets to kiss Riley, and Riley actually like thatoneguy and not Adam anyways. So the moral of the story is, screw Jocks, go nerds. (Thatoneguy is a techy for the theater. I forgot his name, so I named him thatoneguy. Also had to rush this so it kind of sucks and doesn't make since, sorry!)

Yup, I get to figure all four of those out in a few months. Joy.