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  • Roy12345

    Ninjas be killin'

    February 20, 2012 by Roy12345

    Once you have the full armor of ninja set, you should be able to teleport!

    And also an npc ninja would spawn :D

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  • Roy12345

    Ever had a hard time making the corruption go away?

    Ever say "I'm just gonna give up!"?

    Well here's the answer to your problems!

    The hallow rod! This rod can be used by click and holding on the corruption, let go, then bam! 30 blocks of hallow is made! This rod takes 40 mana so get some mana potions folks!

    BUT WAIT! Theres more: This rod can make your enemys lose 65 health! Wow! What other things this can do? Well, It has a 1 Chance of 100 to make a super critical strike!

    Quistion: Is this worth to craft?

    The answer is yes!

    To craft this: You will need 10 bottles of holy water, 50 souls of light, 3 hallow seeds, and 100 crystal shards!

    Quistion: What does it look like?

    Why, its blue! The color of the bueatiful light blue, sparkling grass of the hal…

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  • Roy12345

    ....IDEAS! :D

    February 18, 2012 by Roy12345

    I think a NEW MINI BOSS should be a robot spider! :D 8000 Health :)

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  • Roy12345

    Biggest announcement

    February 18, 2012 by Roy12345

    Im about to unleash the biggest terraria announcement...

    Here it comes....

    The game.

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  • Roy12345

    Ok for real...

    February 17, 2012 by Roy12345

    Ok this is just getting annoying and i need to say it RIGHT NOW.

    The forest biome is just peacefull

    The curroption is the hell above earth

    The jungle is the land of treasure

    The hallow, that was meant to be the greatest side that NOTHING was supposed to kill you, but look at this

    the hallow SHOULD have fought the curroption its like the story you had you planted seeds, you saw beautifull light blue grass, then you saw pearlstone and mistaked it for ebonstone, then you had holy water and killed the curroption % by % but look! The unicorns! Pixie's! They arent helping at all!

    So please, Make this right. For terraria!

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