I have decided to take the time to write my first blog post, and at the same time, tell all you awesome people about my current status in Terraria, including what items I don’t have, what I do when playing Terraria, and stuff about my house.


Ok, so basically I have most of the items in the game, excluding the following:

  • · 5 Second Timer
  • · Ale (I’m underage xD)
  • · Archaeologist’s Outfit
  • · Barrel
  • · Bathtub (What’s the point?!?)
  • · Bird Statue
  • · Blue Brick Wall
  • · Blue Torch
  • · Bunny Hood
  • · Chinese Lantern
  • · Clown Clothes
  • · Cooking Pot
  • · Copper Watch
  • · Diving Helmet
  • · Holy Water
  • · Jungle Armor
  • · Keg
  • · Mime Mask
  • · Mug
  • · Necro Armor
  • · Obsidian Horseshoe
  • · Pink Brick/Wall
  • · Poisoned Knife
  • · Robot Hat
  • · Summer Hat
  • · Toilet (Worthless)
  • · Unholy Water
  • · White Phasesaber
  • · Whoopie Cushion (O.K. That’s just weird)
  • · Yellow Phasesaber
  • · Yellow Torch

As you can see I must have a lot of chests in my house, so that is what I’m going to tell you about next.

My house

When I first started building my house, I built a small basic home above ground. Then I decided to make an extra room next to it. The next thing I knew, I was digging underground to expand my home. Here are some pic’s on the evolution of my house:

What I do to pass time in Terraria

Now that you know about my stuff, and my home, I will tell you what I do in Terraria while waiting for new patches for the game. I do plenty of different things, from draining Oceans, to fighting two or three bosses at once. Sometimes I pump lava from the underworld to the surface; I have plenty of obsidian to prove that. Other times I will fight different boss combos like HERO. Though I fail most of the time, and never seem to be able to fight such a swarm as he does, I still can do a pretty good job after lots of practice. Most of the time though, I play multiplayer with my friends. We do a lot of different things, like PvP, boss battles, and just building cool stuff. That has lead me to believe that Terraria is more fun playing with friends. It seems to me that Terraria could be a good MMOG; but that’s just me.

Thank You

So there you have it. That is my Terraria experience in a nutshell.

Thank you for reading, (even if you just skimmed through)