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1.1 framerate issues - Help!

Rtyh-12 December 2, 2011 User blog:Rtyh-12

At last I've managed to play 1.1, where I live it was released just before I had to go to bed and this morning I had 7 hours of school. Ooh the excitement... a new world, a new character and... a game that runs so slow that it's unplayable.

Anyone else experiencing something similar? I think it might be because of the backgrounds as it seems to be better in the underground. Any way to turn those off?

Yes, my computer sucks that much...

Any help would be (hugely) appreciated!

Edit: Setting the lighting mode to "Retro" solves the problem. The improved lighting was one of the things I awaited the most so it's quite a disappointment. Any suggestions? Please?

Edit 2: Seems that Trippy works too, my life is a bit more beautiful now. Sorry to have bothered you.

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